CBD Vape Pen Battery


Features a 650mAh battery life and preheating option, along with variable voltage. Micro-USB charging connection, and charging cable supplied.

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About our Pen Battery

Variable voltage preheating batteries are the ideal battery when vaping CBD. Preheating function warms the liquid before use, just use the preheat and off you go.

Maintains performance for over 300 charge cycles.


Screw thread 510 thread, ego thread
Battery life more than 300 times
Capacity 650mAh
Avg. Charging Time 1.5 Hours – 4 Hours
Function Preheating, Voltage adjustable
Switch Manual Button
Technology Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

How to Use

  1. Click 5 times button to turn on/off;
  2. Click 3 times to adjust voltage, 3.4V Green,3.7V Blue, 4.0V Red;
  3. Click 2 times to preheat. Whilst heating it will glow rainbow colours.

To Charge

Attach to a USB charger using USB charging cable provided.

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