CBD Raw Flowform


Our CBD Raw Flowform concentrate is semi-liquid distillate (honey like) and is supplied in glass syringes. It can be dabbed, dipped directly from the syringe or made into vape juice or oral drops, or even small amounts placed directly underneath the front of the tongue for 2 minutes (Sublingual Administration) – fast and effective one of the quickest ways to use CBD.

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Our Raw CBD Freeform

When taking any supplement most consumers are curious as to how fast the effects kick in. When it comes to CBD, the answer depends on how you choose to take it.

When it comes to speed of onset vaping, and sublingual administration take the crown, these swift methods guarantee a fast and efficient transfer of CBD into the bloodstream.

In contrast, oral CBD must first pass through the digestive tract and liver, giving rise to a slower acting yet longer lasting experience.

Oral CBD passes through the digestive tract. After making it through the throes of this system, the body whisks it off to the liver for processing, finally CBD enters the bloodstream where it begins to take effect.

This can take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour, however, the effects typically last longer and feel stronger, if you’re in no rush oral CBD will provide you with a sustained clear headed experience.

Key Details

  • Distilled, pure undiluted untampered flowform
  • GMP certified 21 CFR part III and 117
  • ISO 90001: 2015 Accredited laboratory
  • 90% pure distilled full spectrum extract.
  • Luer-lock glass syringe supplied in a plastic box
  • Runny like honey, golden
  • Natural terpenes
  • Free of heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Ready to Use

Our GMP flowform is perfect for all applications of CBD use. Great for manufacturing and personal use.

This superior product is like no other, runny like honey with a mammoth spectrum of cannabinoids including:

  • CBD 52.5%
  • CBG 14.6%
  • CBE 7.4%
  • CBDV 2.6%
  • Other cannabinoids 12%
  • THC 0.1%


Our Raw CBD Freeform product is rigorously lab tested and the lab reports are available upon purchase on request.

Store in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight.

Suggested Use

Sublingual administration offers a rapid onset of effects, but still requires a small element of patience. Firstly hold the glass syringe under running warm water for 30 seconds. This helps make the optimum consistency.  Many users swallow the oil a bit too early, minimising its effects, leave the oil under your tongue for at least 2 minutes to allow for maximum absorption before swallowing.

Choosing the right amount of CBD oil for you

The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:

  • Your body weight.
  • The condition your treating.
  • Your individual body chemistry.
  • The concentration of CBD in each pill, capsule, drop, or gummy.


In other words there are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much CBD to take, before trying CBD. Be sure to talk to your doctor about an appropriate dosage and any potential risks.

If your doctor doesn’t provide a recommendation, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. Rice SRE amounts this could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, increase this amount by 5 mg, continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your symptoms.

For example, you might start off with 40 mg to treat severe pain, you can take 40 mg on days when you’re in a lot of pain. After a week, you increase it to 45 mg and after a second week you 50 mg at this point, you might feel that your pain is bearable.


Is it possible to take too much CBD?

On the safety and side effects of CBD found that continuous use of CBD even in high dose like 1500 mg a day is tolerated well by humans.

Most people start off with a bit about the size of a piece of rice, moving up to a pea size amount 2 to 3 times a day or every 6 hours.

Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if you are pregnant or have any other medical concerns.

May cause drowsiness and dizziness, do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking this supplement.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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This superior product is like no other, runny like honey with a mammoth spectrum of cannabinoids including:

  • CBD 52.5%
  • CBG 14.6%
  • CBE 7.4%
  • CBDV 2.6%
  • Other cannabinoids 12%
  • THC 0.1%